Established since 1972, Pondok Indah Group is a name that became a world benchmark property in Indonesia. Headquartered in PT.Metropolitan Kentjana, Pondok Indah, the first project of a beautiful cottage housing Pondok Indah Group is located in the area of Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta. With a commitment to always provide the best, Pondok Indah Group successfully developed the forest area of 460 hectares of rubber into one of the regions most residential and commercial elite in Indonesia with a population of over 35,000 residents.

Pondok Indah Development Group also includes Puri Indah. Under PT. Antilope Madju Puri Indah, the region has a total area of 180 hectares is transformed into an elite residential properties in West Jakarta. Development also continued to build Puri Indah Mall and Sentra Niaga. This beautiful castle area development will continue ongoing. Until now, Pondok Indah Group continues to develop 33 hectares of the total area of Puri Indah into an integrated area known as the Puri Indah CBD. Puri Indah CBD development begins with establishing The Ultimate Windsor Residence, Puri Indah Mall Puri Financial Tower and Expansion.

Pondok Indah commitment to always give the best becomes the basis and motivation of innovation to develop each of its products. Management is handled by professionals who are experienced and well known in the property world, along with the support of the shareholders confidence makes Pondok Indah Group as one of the leading developer and trustworthy.